Undue stress is almost a certainty when moving. Besides the processes of buying and selling, and of course, packing, there is the emotional process as well.

Always try to remember, while dealing with all of these worries, that moving can actually  represent an exciting adventure, a growth opportunity and the prospect of new beginnings. Once all is said and done, you’ll be entering one of the most memorable times of your life – regardless of what time in your life you are making the move. A good Realtor will walk you through the process, help you get past all the obstacles of a transaction, and even help keep you calm during the most emotional times.

Throughout the entire selling and buying process, it’s important to reserve time for yourself and your family. It’s not a waste of time, but rather an insurance policy for your sanity and continued happiness. If you let the stress in, it will eat away at you and wreak havoc both emotionally and physically, spreading throughout the family. And there’s nothing worse than moving a grumpy family to a new town. Here are some stress-relieving measures to keep in mind:

First, it’s perfectly normal to feel unsure of your decision to move. You’ve just made a major commitment, and it’s normal for you to start second guessing yourself.  Instead of dwelling on the “what ifs,” think about all the great new opportunities that you and your family will encounter. Remember the old adage, “when one door closes, another one opens”.

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If you can keep an emergency fund, it would be helpful in case you run into any unexpected costs. These might be needed Buyer-requested repairs. While you may not agree with those requests, doing them at a reasonable cost is sometimes the best and easiest route to take and it will allow you to skip right over the stress of worrying about whether those repairs will cause the Buyer to cancel the deal. So planning ahead (financially) for this scenario would be beneficial. It’s best not to try to assume what a Buyer may want fixed and start making repairs in advance. OK, maybe some obvious repairs…but Buyers tend to isolate certain areas of your home for repairs – areas that you may not have even considered. So wait until you’re asked to repair something before spending money on repairs that you may not have had to do.

Thinking about finances, try to also anticipate the expenses you will have upon moving into a new home. There will be the movers, which may go above estimate, start-up fees for utilities, down-payments and application fees and things you weren’t even thinking about. At times, it will seem like everyone and their brother are approaching you with an outstretched hand. And, what about new pieces of furniture, painting, new carpeting, new locks, etc.? Keep in mind that these one-time-only costs are part of an overall investment for your own good, for the good of your family and for the long-term value of the property.

Remind yourself why you are moving in the first place. Was it a job transfer, or by voluntary choice? For better schools, or for retirement? The more choice you have in where you move, the better your outlook about the move may be. Do your due diligence on your new community. What cultural events are offered? What weekend activities are available? What are the renowned landmarks and natural (or man-made) attractions? Check out potential day trips and places to visit once you’ve settled in. This will keep you focused on the excitement of your future and not the stress of the move.

Envision your new home. Where will your existing furniture go? Where will new furniture be needed? How will you use your closets and storage space? As often as possible, picture the block and the neighborhood that you will be a part of.

And, most importantly – remember to have some fun along the way. Even when you think you don’t have any money left, go out for a quick dinner or a family event. If you have any “regular” dates (like a weekly card game), keep them. If stress comes creeping in, remind yourself it will not last forever. Regardless of what you’re feeling at that moment, the move will happen and everything will eventually fall into place. Look forward to the journey that lies ahead.