Add a Deck

The addition of a deck is a quick and easy way to add onto a small backyard and make the area seem more spacious and inviting. It’s a good way to separate a yard into “sections” used for different purposes, without taking up much room.


Potted Plants and Boxed Gardens

You can enjoy lots of flowers and save money at the same time by optimizing the space on the exterior walls, roofs and windows of your home. Hang potted plants or organize flower boxes on wooden shelves. This doesn’t take away from your entertaining or dining space and still leaves space for other yard amenities.


Smaller Furniture

Utilize smaller furniture. Unless you are planning on big parties and will be entertaining large crowds, buy small sized furniture. Limit seating to chairs or loveseats as opposed to longer couches. Consider a round dining table versus a longer rectangular one. This will make your deck or patio more spacious. An awning over the furniture area is also a good idea if you wish to enjoy the outdoors even during inclement weather.


Stay Simple and Clean

Do not clutter – with either natural or man-made items. The smaller the space, the more cluttered the appearance. Keep the landscaping design simple. Focus on a yard with grass, some well placed shrubs and accented with a few flowers. Designate special areas to help you  be organized, like a flower bed, or potted plants.


Go Bold With the Colors

While your expenditures may need to be limited, you can still go bold on the colors. Vibrant colors will allow your small yard to jump out and grab the attention of your visitors’ eyes. And you get to enjoy the rainbow of colors too!


Install an Accent Fence

Believe it or not, a fence can make a small yard seem bigger – but NOT a privacy fence. Get one used for decorations, rather than privacy, such as lattice, picket or chain link. Sunlight comes through and the fence accents the yard.