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Hope and Jeff Rosenberg were amazing during the sale of my parent's home. It was my childhood home and both of my parents died within 5 months of each other, it was a very emotional time for me and my family. Knowing that Hope and Jeff were there every step of the way was a comforting feeling. They really went above and beyond for me and my family. They took the burden off of my shoulders for a lot of the process. They were there for me and I got above asking and couldn't be happier. Although this was and still is a very upsetting time, I was able to rest knowing that Hope and Jeff were there for me and would do anything to make this process as easy and simple as possible! I would recommend them highly to anyone looking to sell their home! Danielle M., Cranford (Seller)
Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first. Luckily we found Jeff which made the process much easier than we had been anticipating. Any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. We both are very happy with our first home and couldn't have been more pleased with the service. We thank you for the time and effort you spent with us, making our first experience as easy as it was! I definitely recommend Jeff Rosenberg to anyone and would not hesitate to use him again for for ANYthing. We feel like he and his wife Hope are part of the family now!  :)  Nikki G., Scotch Plains (Buyer)
I normally will only work with people who are recommended to me but Hope Rosenberg understood my needs so well and was willing to work right away to achieve my difficult needs that I used her instead of my listing agent that was selling my house. I was in a time crunch to rent a house that would accommodate three small dogs and also would still be in a particular geography for my children and in my budget. She far exceeded my expectations and would recommend her highly and would use her again. Karen W., Tenant
Jeff was a pleasure to work with. My wife drove him crazy. Sending him house after house. Even when we were under contract she sent him other houses. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Jeff for finding us our home to start our family. John G., Scotch Plains (Buyer)
Hope and Jeff had only our best interest in mind...they work well together to produce excellent results! Robert M., Bloomfield (Seller)
Hope Rosenberg was our advocate during the buying and selling of our homes. She was helpful and responsive in resolving issues that came before us. Debbie & Stan R., Mahwah/Wannaque (Seller/Buyer)
Jeff was knowledgeable, and very responsive. He knew just what he was doing. I never had a question about his ability to handle this sale. While he represented the Buyer, he kept on top of the buyer's attorney who was not always responsive, but Jeff stayed on top of it and the deal closed. Evelyn C., Elizabeth (Seller)
Jeff is one of the best brokers I've ever worked with. He is detail oriented, professional and pleasant. Jeff was more knowledgeable and diligent than any other person involved in this complicated and lengthy short sale transaction. I would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation and look forward to working with him again. Kay R., Esq., NYC (Buyer)
Latoya Wilson was a great agent! Her follow up and understanding of our needs is what stood out to us. She understood our sense of urgency and worked very diligently. We are forever grateful to her for the assistance of finding our first home. Ashley & Olufemi S. (Buyer)
It was a pleasure to deal with Hope Rosenberg, as always. She had done everything she could to have our property rented out promptly and had responded to all of my questions quickly and informatively. I will gladly deal with Hope again. " Helen L.,Millburn (Landlord)
Van is an excellent agent! Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Will definitely work with him again. Sheldon C., Newark (Buyer)
Jeff always made himself available, easy to contact and work with when I was able to meet him. I would recommend Jeff Rosenberg because we have worked with him on many occasions and the outcome was always successful. Amanda C., Mountainside (Landlord)
Tim Wyman had tried above and beyond to get me a buyer even though my property is in a flood zone. He knew I had to sell the property quickly and he acted on it. He was always there for me even when I was fearful that my house wouldn't be so sold due to the flood zone.Tim was always patient with me when I didn't understand a fact about the sale or had questions. He always took time with me. He was kind and thoughtful. He kept reassuring me that everything would be OK. He always picked me up when I was losing patience that the house was never going to be sold. Tim is a very considerate and kind Realtor and gentleman. Tim Wyman is the best. I would definitely use him again in the near future to sell another home. Virginia O., Livingston (Owner)
Hope Rosenberg has handled the sales and purchases of many of the properties I have bought and sold. I have been involved with other brokers, but never has one come close to Hope when it goes to market knowledge, she's the best!! Phil I., Springfield (Seller)
Jeff was a really great Broker - all around! Eric T., Elizabeth (Buyer)
Hope was highly recommended to me by someone, who also worked in the residential real estate field for many years. It was the right decision to trust her recommendation. Hope used her well honed interpersonal skills to keep me informed at all times on what was happening with the sale of the house. And, most importantly she made me feel comfortable throughout this process by being knowledgeable, patient, understanding, respectful and accessible. I had interactions with one other person in the office. Like Hope, he was knowledgeable, helpful, respectful and patient. I was totally satisfied with the experience I had with Hope Rosenberg and Century 21 Norma Altman Realtors. The process was much less nerve wracking because of Hope's knowledge, understanding and patience. Abby K., Millburn (Seller)
Jeff is an excellent broker, taking charge from day one and getting the job done both before and after the sale. John K., W. Orange (Landlord)
LaToya was very helpful in this process. Very professional, understood all my concerns. Doris J., Orange (Buyer)
Latoya was very compassionate, efficient, supportive, and understanding. She was truly a joy to work with. I appreciate the fact that she treated me like I was her own mother. Glynder K., Irvington (Buyer)
Jeff is very attentive and fast in finding tenants for an apartment of mine. He knows, then chooses the best possible option for me and the tenant and it is always a great match. I have never had a problem with tenants of Jeff's choosing. I trust him fully and he continues to be amazing at his job. On top, Jeff and all the employees of Century 21 are extremely polite and professional. Marina K. (Landlord)
Hope and her husband Jeff are so helpful. Their experience in this area offers exactly what we were looking for. Many thanks, Hope and Jeff are definitely our number one referral to our friend in this competitive market. Liang H. & Lixia C., Short Hills (Landlord)
Jeff was always accessible. Always answered questions and concerns quickly and went out of his way to help in any way. I would, and have, recommended Jeff Rosenberg to anyone considering buying or selling a property. He is always available to answer any questions and concerns. He always answers emails and phone calls regardless of the time of day. He was always ready to lend a hand if needed but most of all, I never felt pressured which was very important to me. Susan G., Union (Seller)
I am 81 years old, and Hope never lost her patience with me. She was wonderful in that she can relate to her clients in a personal and professional manner. I also dealt with Jeff, he bent over backwards to help and explain things to me. It's like everyone is family." Iris T., Springfield (Seller)
Van was on top of it in every way. A real pro! Ted P., Newark (Buyer)
Jeff is very confident. He knows the business and this is very important. It is not about just selling a home with Jeff, it was about doing it right. He knows his business and is very helpful in every aspect of the process of buying a home. Lorraine C., Springfield (Buyer)
Mrs.Rosenberg is a true professional who was always available to address any of my questions or concerns. Her skills and knowledge provided guidance that made all segments of the home buying process move smoothly from beginning to end. Would recommend her services to any buyer or seller seeking true professional representation. Bob G., Springfield (Buyer)
Excellent experience. Would surely recommend Hope to all my friends and family. Shail R., Short Hills (Tenant)
Jeff is a true Professional with an Ethical work attitude Kashif Z. (Buyer)
Hope Rosenberg is by far the best Realtor my wife and I have ever dealt with. We've been friends since our first sale, but this sale and purchase has put Hope and her family in our inner circle. Phil & Lisa I., Springfield (Seller & Buyer)
Hope and Jeff are truly a Dream Team! Our story starts years before we met this wonderful team. We had moved several times and had mediocre to poor experiences with other realtors. Not knowing we were going to have to move again, my husband met Hope at an Open House while looking for an investment property. He could tell right away that she was a woman of force and integrity. A year later, when we needed to move from NJ to FL, there was no question we were calling her. What we didn’t realize was we were getting 2 for one. This husband and wife team are perfect together. From the day we signed to the final closing they made it clear that they were there for us for whatever we wanted & needed, and they held true to their promise. They helped ensure that we got the best price for our house, honored our wish to not have open houses, and did a great marketing job. Within a highly competitive market, we were under contract in 8 days, which was even surprising to us. At the same time we were selling/buying a house in FL and needed to travel back and forth numerous times. Hope and Jeff helped ensure that everything went smoothly in NJ, being there for all inspections, handling the fire inspection for us, and providing their expertise (better than our lawyers) for how to respond during inspection/contract negotiations, always looking out for our best interest. Hope even picked me up at the airport on one of our trips returning from FL. I can’t say enough about this wonderful couple. Our only regret is that in moving to FL we won’t get a chance to work with them again (unless they relocate!). Signed, an extremely satisfied and happy couple. Lucinda (& Tony) K., Springfield (Seller)
Hope was great,she was patient and there for me throughout the whole process of finding me a home. When it was time to close the deal she and Jeff were very knowledgeable which made it easy. I highly recommend Hope and Jeff, they are outstanding at what they do and treat you like family. Madina C, Millburn (Tenant)
Fantastic overall experience. Thorough knowledge of the area and of the market. Everything done on time. Great communication. Help with any questions. Would definitely recommend! Helen L., Millburn (Landlord)
Hope is an exceptional person who is very caring and genuine...she went above and beyond when it came to helping and supporting us...I don't know many people, including family who would stay at our home while work was being done (we did a Gas Conversion before we sold the property) because we could not be at two places at the same time...we truly appreciated all she and her husband Jeff (who is extremely knowledgeable in this business) did for us...we could never repay them for their advise, expertise, kindness and the time they devoted to our home sale...this is why we would recommend Hope Rosenberg to any family, friend or anyone who asked!" Rosalind M., Bloomfield (Seller)
Hope is a very professional Broker. Gerry P., Springfield (Buyer)
It is not an easy task to secure a real estate broker without having had prior knowledge of experience, however, based on a personal recommendation, we found the creme de la creme. Hope Rosenberg exhibited tremendous heart, soul and compassion when it came to listening to our needs. She made recommendations about the types of places that would be the best fit based on our family needs and Hope was right on target! She eliminated the places that didn't match our residential profile and accentuated the ones that were exemplary. To say Hope went the "extra mile" would be an understatement. She stayed in constant touch with my husband and myself via cell phone and email regarding updated information. What we particularly liked about Hope was her ability to cut through the normal "broker/client relationship" and treat us like family. To me, that said a lot. In her words: "I'm going to put a roof over your heads" that will be perfect for our family and she did! Our new home is just that: a home that we love and hope to live for years to come. Thank you Hope Rosenberg for believing in us and making our home exactly what we desired. You exceed our expectations! Cheryl W., West Orange (Buyer)
I couldn't have asked for a better team than Hope & Jeffrey Rosenberg. They are knowledgeable on every aspect of real estate, presented me with understandable and thorough material and answered every question I had. Most importantly, they were available 24/7 and went so above and beyond that by the end it was like I was a member of their family. I knew I was in the best hands from Day One and I trusted them completely throughout. This was the first property I sold and I was very anxious about it, they walked me through every single step, leaving nothing out, so that what I was dreading ended up being so much easier than I ever thought it would be. I would recommend them to anyone I know. Robyn B., Springfield (Seller)
Hope was referred to us by both a friend and a relative. That said, we wanted to confirm in-person that Hope would understand our needs and have a working style that would make it easy for us to be us throughout the process. Very quickly we had good feelings with Hope, and are very pleased that she represented and worked with us. We were thrilled with how Hope handled every single step in this exhaustive process. We felt like she got what we were looking for quickly, took on most of the work to find properties we would like before showing them to us, helped us bid and win immediately, and had ouR backs when there were delays on the sellers part. She was our guiding light and made everything as easy and clear as possible. We loved working with Hope! Can we say "Hope is the best!" yet again? She is. She even got to know our 2 year old son, who is now convinced that our new home is actually Hope's house, and he is disappointed when she isn't there. She's like family now. We could not be happier with what she did for us and what she helped us accomplish. Thank you Hope! Suzanne S., South Orange (Buyer)
As I have already said, Hope helped us find a home, not just a house. Me and my children were coming out of a terrible situation, emotionally exhausted, and in desperate need of a place to live. She was patient with me, and gently guided me to a home, not just a house. I will forever feel indebted to her for this, and have not even the slightest reservation in recommending her to friends and family. As a matter of fact, she helped my sister find 3 separate homes, and lived up to the glowing recommendation that my sister gave her. Susan W., Union (Buyer)
They are did fabulous job to handle my properties. I will continute to work with them in the future. Charles W., Springfield (Landlord)
Jeff was a very knowledgeable, friendly realtor. He is very porofessional and his communication skills are excellent. I would recommend Jeff to anyone searching for a home. Aimee P., Springfield (Tenant)
Hope was terrific and patient with me I would highly recommend her to friends and family Evangelia F., Springfield (Tenant)
Did a great job renting my condo quickly. Took care of all the details. Excellent job. John K., West Orange (Landlord)
Jeff was pretty much available 24/7. Who could ask for any more than that. Handles the remote transaction, we being in Texas, and he being in New Jersey. Flawless execution. Willing to put on jeans and even help unload truck during move in. Now that tells you something about someone going the extra mile! Erin D., Millburn (Tenant)
Jeff is my number 1 realtor in this area to work with. Charles W., Springfield (Landlord)

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